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Days in Old Estes Park

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Moran - Longs Peak & Estes Park

OldEstes Collection

(Original steel plate etching available $50)

Etching from one of the very first views of Estes Park by renowned landscape artist Thomas Moran.

First View of Estes Park -
1879 - WH Jackson
OldEstes Collection

View from the top of Park Hill in the very early days.  This is the first view that the tourists of the early 1900's would have seen coming to Estes Park by train & Stanley Steamer.

Estes Park ca. 1885

Long's Peak from Griff Evan's Ranch
OldEstes Collection

The earliest tourist hotel in Estes Park

Longs Peak 1893 - WH Jackson
OldEstes Collection

A very old photo of the Estes Park area by Jackson ca. 1893.

Mt Ypsilon, Estes Park
OldEstes Collection

This is an original photochromolithograph from the Detroit Publishing Co.  The original photo was taken by WH Jackson

A Bit of Estes Park from the Stage Window
WH Jackson
OldEstes Collection

Before Stanley Steamers, there was the stagecoach.

Estes Park before the big booms of the teens and twenties
Estes Park 1903
Courtesy Estes Park Museum
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View West Toward the Mountains

FP Clatworthy
OldEstes Collection

Pristine views of the front range were to be had.

Estes Park From the West 1905- 1910

The town starts to grow.
Out Griff Evan's Way

The Estes Park Hotel ca. 1907

Fancier hotels are built



...and occasionally destroyed by fire.  This is the Estes Park Hotel burning on August 11, 1911.




Early Estes Park Business Directory
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From a publication The Fall Season in Estes Park published by The Business Men's Association of Estes Park promoting Estes Park in the relatively slow off-season as well as summers.



Estes Park 1910

Courtesy Estes Park Museum
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Estes Park Circa 1915
OldEstes Collection
Estes booms in the teens!
Steads Ranch ca. 192?

Account of a stay at Steads in 1939
Courtesy - Priscilla Katherine Van Marter (Pat Williams) and Hollis Williams, her son
Estes Park 1924
Courtesy Estes Park Museum
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What a difference by the roaring twenties!
Estes Park 1934
Courtesy Estes Park Museum
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By the 40's the town had taken on the look it would have for decades to come.
Estes Park 1940
Courtesy Estes Park Museum
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The biggest single change came to Estes with the Colorado Big Thompson Project in the 40's.  Today Lake Estes occupies the meadow in photos.

Below Reclamation District housing built for the Colorado Big Thompson Project Folks

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